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The places where we are born and where we grow up eventually shape and transform who we are and who we can be. This very simple concept is the cornerstone of the project "A portrait of everyone, everywhere".  Artist Daniele Sigalot and WEM Gallery teamed up in 2019 to craft a massive installation shown at the Milan MXP airport until 2021. The artwork consisted in 12 city maps engraved on stainless steel. Those mirror-maps were capable of completely reshaping face and body of whoever stood by, allowing 12 cities to basically take unique portraits of those who stopped and took a glance at their own caleidoscopio reflection.

That exhibition should have been seen by approximately 2,5M passengers. Covid19 changed the cards on the table. But being the optimists we are, we decided to flip the table, and instead of having 2,5M people walking by those artworks, we'll get those artwork to go and chase those 2,5M people around the world. And while doing so we'll be supporting some of the coolest ONG of the planet. 

The first step of this tour begins in Milan, where we'll be exhibiting the reflective map of the city at the MIA fair, allowing those who want to pose in front the map and have their portrait taken. 

Those who will chose to purchase the portrait will support DYNAMOCAMP, who will receive 50% of all profits. 

To find out how cool DYNAMOCAMP is just click here

To book your portrait at the MIA fair in Milan from March 22 till March 26 just click here:

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